Stroboscopes...Compact Easy to Use

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

The SKF Stroboscopes, TKRS 10 and TKRS 20 are portable, compact, easy-to-use stroboscopes that enable the motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery to appear frozen. They allow such applications as fan blades, couplings, gear wheels, machine tool spindles and belt drives to be inspected while running. TKRS stroboscopes are useful for ODR programmes and are an essential instrument for maintenance technicians.

The TKRS series have the following features:

  • Ergonomic controls enable the flash rate to be set in a matter
    of seconds
  • Phase shift mode enables the viewing of the object of interest to
    be rotated to the correct position for viewing; especially useful
    for gear wheels and fan blade inspection
  • For ease of use for extended periods, they are equipped with a
    tripod mounting thread
  • Supplied in a sturdy carrying case with universal charger