Online Motor Analysis System – NetEP

Service Detail from SKF/North America

The SKF Online Motor Analysis System - NetEP is a permanently-installed machine system monitoring solution. It continuously acquires health and performance data on electric motors and the rotating machine systems they operate. With the NetEP, maintenance professionals can safely gather performance data on critical motors around the clock, 365 days a year. They can monitor the condition of motors and the rotating equipment they drive from the convenience and safety of a central office. The system helps reduce costly unplanned downtime by providing information that improves maintenance decision making and planning.

The NetEP system represents a new paradigm in predictive maintenance for rotating equipment. It enables an organization’s critical motor assets to communicate if and when they are malfunctioning or experiencing a problem that could lead to failures or downtime. Motor maintenance programs are too often characterized by reactive approaches to motor failures, and rely upon periodic tests to troubleshoot a given motor’s condition. These snapshots often help to determine if a motor requires replacement or repair, but the data acquired often doesn’t reveal certain motor system issues that impact motor performance or and lead to failure.

The NetEP goes beyond what portable testing does to provide a timeline of trend information that maximizes visibility into motor system health and performance. Maintenance professionals can use NetEP to monitor motor system performance from virtually anywhere in the world with a PC using the system’s Web-accessible interface.

Because the NetEP is a stationary system with permanent connections to motors, it makes it safer and faster for PdM personnel to monitor motor conditions. Maintenance route testing can be reduced or eliminated, allowing personnel to focus on motors the NetEP identifies as having potential problems. The system can also be used to continuously supply motor system data to an OPC standard server for use with an organization’s unique maintenance management and asset analysis systems.