ECOLINE-D Detector

Product Announcement from Sesotec GmbH

The ECOLINE-D system detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, special-steel, aluminium, ...) - even those enclosed in the product. It is used for examining packed and unpacked piece goods. ECOLINE-D is available with standard belt widths of 200, 300, and 400 mm, and effective passage heights of up to 300 mm. When a metal is detected the conveyor belt is stopped. As an option metal detection can also be indicated by a flashing light and/or a signal horn. For applications in dry areas the ECOLINE-D series is available with a flat belt conveyor. It is characterised by its short overall length.


  • new GLS-coiling technology with extremely short metal free Zone enables very short conveyor belt length (from 750 mm).
  • open, light and accessible construction ensures that cleaning the entire system is simple and easy.
  • Conveyor-bank is constructed of robust stainless steel which guarantees extreme sensitivity and precision of search, also in long-term operation.
  • Belt-Quick Change System.
  • Process conformity to IFS and HACCP.
  • Multi-Frequence Technologie DUAL or QUATTRO (optional), for particularly conductive products and special packaging.