Aluminum Extrusions

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STACI Corporation has extensive experience providing extrusion products to customers around the world. STACI provides extrusion services to customers from many industries including: health and fitness, medical, outdoor furniture, leisure products, audio, industrial controls and consumer electronics. STACI's vertically integrated extrusion capabilities include:

  • Tooling design and fabrication
  • Billet casting
  • Multiple extrusion lines
  • Complete range of secondary operations and finishes
  • Assembly services also available
  • ISO9000 approved quality systems and inspection

Aluminum is the primary material used for the extruded products. STACI's extrusion equipment maximum capability is 3500 tons. We offer great value to customers looking for high value added content such as machined secondary operations, finishes (chromate, anodize, power coat) and assembly services.

Examples of specific applications that STACI Corporation produces for include:

  • Supporting members in medical health care products like canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs
  • Ladders
  • Folding tables and chairs
  • Bicycle rims
  • Front panels and face plates for products such as audio components
  • Chassis or housings for products like power supplies
  • Push bars for emergency exit doors

Reasons to Choose STACI Extrusions

  • Around-the-clock engineering support
  • Dock-to-dock delivery
  • Just-in-time delivery using local and/or regional warehouses