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For more than 10 years, STACI has been an expert in the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), also called Printed Wired Boards (PWB). From standard technology to the complex, high-density circuits that incorporate the latest manufacturing and product technology, STACI can meet all of its customers PCB needs, including prototype design, quick turn and production volumes.

STACI Corporation's PCBs are used widely throughout the electronics industry. Common applications include telecommunications, automotive, computer networks, consumer electronics, industrial controls, power tools, toys and more.

Structure and Function

A Printed Circuit Board is a substrate of dielectric layers (usually of a glass fabric impregnated with a resin of epoxy) and clad metal layers (usually copper) upon which a pattern of conductive traces is formed to interconnect components. A Printed Circuit Board provides functionality in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing interconnection between components
  • Providing interconnection between devices
  • Providing structural support to a device
  • Providing platform for modules design
  • Acting as a media for Rf and other electrical property generation

STACI can supply the following types of PCBs:

  • Rigid circuit boards from 1 to 22 layers
  • Flexible circuit boards from 1 to 4 layers
  • Combination Rigid-Flex circuit boards
  • Aluminum clad circuit boards up to 4 layers
  • Alternate substrate material circuit boards (Aluminum, Ceramic, Teflon)

PCB Specifications

Key specifications for STACI Printed Circuit Boards include:

  • Wide range of laminate materials: FR1, FR2, FR4, FR5, CEM-1, CEM-3, High Tg laminates such as Rogers, BT, GTEK, Polyimide, Polyester, ceramic and more
  • Surface finish options include: HASL, Pb-free HASL, Flash Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, OSP, Carbon Ink, Gold finger and more
  • Heavy copper up to 7 ounces finished
  • Dimensional capabilities: Min trace width of 0.076 mm, Min trace spacing of 0.076mm, Finished board thickness from 0.1 mm to 3.4mm, Min hole size of 0.1 mm
  • Blind and buried vias
  • RoHS (Pb-free) compliant boards available
  • PCB factories are ISO9000 Certified, QS9000 Certified, and TS16949 Certified.
  • PCB factories have in-house mold/tool design and fabrication capabilities.

Reasons to Choose STACI PCBs

  • 10 years of expertise designing and producing PCBs
  • Around-the-clock engineering support
  • Dock-to-dock delivery
  • Just-in-time delivery using local and/or regional warehouses