Sheet Metal and Machined Parts Fabrication

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STACI Sheet Metal Fabrication Overview

STACI offers customers high quality, cost-effective Sheet Metal and Machined Parts Fabrication. In doing so, STACI takes pride in being extremely flexible and responsive to all of its customers' needs. The company assists in managing specific customer requirements as well as providing a full range of service capabilities to meet even the most demanding material specifications. STACI's manufacturing expertise in delivering products as required and on time gives STACI, its partners and customers a competitive advantage. STACI is committed to growing along side its customers and to support both their current and future product requirements.

For many applications, the reduction of tooling and stamping expenses can provide significant cost savings, particularly for products manufactured in moderate to high volumes or products with an extended product life. Metal stamping can provide the capability to consistently meet challenging design parameters, such as flatness or close tolerances. Metal stamping also facilitates working with very thin materials or intricate shapes as required by very specific or demanding design applications.

Precision Metal Stampings

  • Materials – most common steels, aluminum, brass, copper, beryllium
  • Material thickness from 0.1 to 5.0 mm
  • Surface Finishes – polish, anodize, powder coating, plating (zinc, nickel, chromium, tin), and painting
  • Other – pad printing and silk screening
  • Complete range of secondary operations – CNC machining, polishing, drilling, assembly services
  • All factories are ISO9000 certified; many are QS9000 certified; and some are TS16949 certified.
  • In-house mold/tool design and fabrication capabilities

Reasons to Choose STACI Metal Stampings

  • Quick turnaround on price quotes
  • Cost-effective tooling – soft and hard tool options
  • Cost-effective production unit costs
  • Prototype tooling – fabricated parts
  • Model Shop – tooling maintained in house
  • Short run production available
  • Around-the-clock engineering support
  • Dock-to-dock delivery
  • Just-in-time delivery using local and/or regional warehouses