Standard and Custom Extruded Heat Sinks

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STACI Corporation specializes in providing Thermal Management Solutions for customers around the world. STACI has developed a full range of heat sink products designed to provide a total thermal solution for any application. Standard heat sinks as well as custom designed heat sinks are offered.

STACI heat sinks are manufactured using a variety of methods depending upon the material selected, the design parameters, and application requirements. Manufacturing methods include extrusion, stamping, casting, machining, bonded fin, and folded fin. STACI's vertically integrated manufacturing process insures that we maintain the highest quality levels throughout the process. All operations from tooling design and fabrication to final inspection is performed in house. In addition, STACI can provide many value add services such as special finishes and assembly services.

STACI's heat sink products are used in many power applications such as:

  • Power supply applications for high and low power UPS
  • Communication devices including data transfer, transmission and switching
  • DC-DC converter applications
  • Semiconductor applications

STACI's custom extruded heat sink capabilities include:

  • Material - Aluminum, copper
  • Maximum extrusion equipment – 3,500 tons
  • Finishes – anodize, chromate, painting, power coat
  • Complete range of secondary operations – drilling, CNC machining, grinding, assembly services
  • Dimensional Capabilities
  • Fin thickness 0.4mm min
  • Fin pitch 1.2mm min
  • Fin density 3/5 (max # of fins per width in mm)
  • Fin height 60 mm max
  • Base thickness 12 mm max
  • Aspect ratio 26:1 max (fin spacing to height)
  • Overall extrusion profile size 330mm x 330mm max

Reasons to Choose STACI Heat Sinks

    • ISO9000 approved factories
    • Around-the-clock engineering support
    • Dock-to-dock delivery
    • Just-in-time delivery using local and/or regional warehouses

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STACI Corporation provides custom-designed products and service solutions to the automotive, medical, fitness equipment, food service equipment, HVAC and appliances industries.

For more information contact us at 954-623-3100