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Safe-T-Sense has been a leader in machinery safeguarding, machine safety training and a major attributor to the safety standards evolution for over 12 years; in addition our personnel have over 25 years of experience in the machine safeguarding world.

Safe-T-Sense has the ability assist you in offering your employees a safer workplace environment in a few means:

Machine Risk Assessment Software:

o Whoever said that the Risk Assessment process is a tedious, inconsistent and time consuming process was right. That is why Safe-T-Sense developed the MenuSafe software; it makes the risk assessment process simpler and more intuitive for the assessors. The Software follows the methodology set forth by ANSI B11.TR3 / ANSI B11.0 / ISO 12100. It is available in two versions ANSI and ISO based. A detailed report is generated from the software that states your machine’s risk level, it as well breaks down each hazard along with its recommended solution, and based on your risk level it gives you a recommendation for how to wire your safety control circuits from an Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic perspective. Your machines on the plant floor can then be categorized from most dangerous to least dangerous, so you can actively state which machines are the most dangerous and need you immediate attention to safeguard and hence reduce the risk.

Risk Assessment Services:

o Our experienced team of assessors can visit your site; evaluate your machine(s), collect safety related data and hazards off your machine(s). We would then follow up with a detailed risk assessment report that highlights the hazards found on each of your machine(s) along with a solution for each of the hazards. Listing your most hazardous machines to the least hazardous, so that you know which machines need to be addressed first from a safeguarding perspective.

Fence / Mechanical Safeguarding Solution:

o Safe-T-Sense has designed and built its own guarding line. Our fixed and interlocked guards exceed the requirements set forth by OSHA, RIA and ANSI B11.19. Our robust guarding design and material quality can withstand high forces that can be exerted upon it from either outside or inside the machine. It meets the requirements that are set by ANSI, which requires that fixed guards are to limit employees from getting into the hazardous area while machine is running by going over or under the guard.

Additional services of note include:

  • Controls Safeguarding Solutions
  • Engineering Design
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Installation and Supervision Services
  • Training Classes

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