Don't Let Corrosion & Heat Problems Shut You Down

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Hexoloy® sintered silicon carbide is an extremely strong and versatile material  used in a multitude of markets and applications that require resistance to extreme temperature, thermal shock, high impact, abrasion and corrosion. 

Hexoloy Silicon Carbide Resists Corrosion, Oxidation and Erosion

The high density, low porosity and chemical inertness of Hexoloy® silicon carbide permit it to function in environments of hot gases and liquids, in oxidizing and corrosive atmospheres, and in strong acids and bases, even at extremely high temperatures.

Hexoloy Silicon Carbide Resists Heat

The high thermal conductivity of Hexoloy® silicon carbide, combined with its low thermal expansion, produces excellent thermal shock resistance far better than tungsten carbide, aluminum oxide and RB silicon nitride.  These properties make it a promising candidate for replacing ductile metals in high temperature applications.

Thermal Benefits

Hexoloy SiC material presents a host of usage benefits. For the toughest high temperature applications, Hexoloy silicon carbide will outperform most metal, refractory and other ceramic materials.  The material’s low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity give it excellent thermal shock resistance, allowing it to survive rapid thermal cycling.  At elevated temperatures, Hexoloy silicon carbide actually increases in strength where other ceramics and metals quickly drop off.  Thermal components are available custom made to meet customer requirements.  These include burner nozzles, thermocouple protection tubes, immersion heater tubes, recuperation tubes, oxygen sensors, test fixtures and furnace belt links.  Hexoloy silicon carbide is also ideal for kiln system components such as beams, tiles, batts, posts and rollers.