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Crystar® FT: water microfiltration solution

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

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Drinking and water process water production must be carried out to uncompromising degrees of security and consistency. Crystar® HiFlo A+ and HiPur A+ are high purity silicon carbide membranes with a pore sizes of 4 and 0.25 µm, respectively, and a honeycumb structure for filtration in dead-end mode. They offer excellent levels of retention efficiency for microorganisms and particulate matter, combined with unmatched filtration fluxes and water productivity. Thanks to the robustness and stability of silicon carbide, a reliable and long lasting microfiltration solution can be achieved.

Furthermore, the unique honeycomb structure provides high compactness and allows for fast backwashing operations with very low water consumption. Finally, the low pressure operation can bring significant savings in energy consumption. Crystar HiFlo A+ and HiPur A+ membranes can be delivered in FRP housings with PVC connections for a straightforward installation. 

Key features: 

  • Log removal value > 5 for bacteria (HiPur A+without the use of coagulants). 
  • 16 m2 of filtration area for one membrane element of 149 x 149 x 1000 mm. 
  • Filtration flow rates up to 20 m3/h for one filtration element at pressures below 1 bar. 
  • Backwash water consumption: 15 – 60 liters per filtration element 

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