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Ceramics for Semiconductor Wafer Processing

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

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A range of Hexoloy® SA and SG components are used in semiconductor wafer processing equipment, including vacuum chucks, reactor tubes for thermal oxidation, wafer grinding and polishing plates, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) blocks, wafer carrier trays and clamps.

These applications take advantage of Hexoloy silicon carbide's thermal expansion match to silicon, high elastic modulus, chemical inertness, and high thermal conductivity. Hexoloy silicon carbide is well suited as a structural material for low mass wafer carrier components, and rigid dimensionally stable platforms with exceptional flatness for wafer grinding, lapping, and polishing.

Silit® SK SiSiC and Advancer® NB SiC materials are used in the air-bearing stages of semiconductor metrology positioning equipment.


  • Structural strength and thermal expansion close to that of silicon wafer
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • High specific stiffness
  • A range of electrical resistivity