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Oil & Petroleum Refining Wear Resistant Linings

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

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Oil and petroleum refineries move vast volumes of high solids that abrade and erode equipment. Wear resistant ZAC Corguard® ?lining systems from Saint-Gobain last longer than the traditional metals, alloys, and refractories available to the market. We specialize in engineering liners for fluidized catalyst cracking unit (FCCU) application components listed below: 

  • Under flow nozzles
  • Catalyst and coke transfer lines
  • Cones
  • Critical flow nozzles
  • Cyclone dust bowls and diplegs
  • Feed nozzle shrouds
  • Fractionator cones
  • Orifice chamber nozzles
  • Reactor stand pipes
  • Reactor stripper nozzles
  • Regenerator nozzles
  • Riser linings and wear pads
  • Third stage separator tubes

Achieve better value and improved performance over the lifetime of refinery equipment.

From state-of-the-art materials to a strong focus on R&D, custom engineered solutions from Saint-Gobain provide better value over the lifetime than traditional materials utilized in refinery equipmentThe company offers global sourcing capabilities, material and design expertise and vast shape capabilities. FEA analysis is part of the R&D process to ensure materials always meet performance and quality requirements. 

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