Ceramic Thermal Spray Powders

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Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders are manufactured using several different techniques, including agglomeration, sintering, fusion & plasma densification. All Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders are manufactured by Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials - the world's leading ceramic experts. Each product is the result of years of engineering, testing and quality control.

Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders begin with highly controlled raw materials, which is the critical first step in developing homogenous products. Many process techniques, including electric arc fusion, plasma fusion, sintering, spray drying and organic bonding are used to transform these raw materials into high-quality powders. These powders are further processed to specific spray sizes.

With Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials' leading-edge process technology, the resulting powder has very uniform chemistry and strict size control that produce the highest quality ceramic coatings available. These powders deliver the best spray performance and value for all types of applications involving wear and corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, and electrical insulation. This is why you'll find Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders used successfully throughout the aerospace, automotive, printing, textile, chemical and wear-resistance industries. With Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders, you will experience less equipment downtime caused by powder problems, and you will receive maximum deposit efficiency in every application. And as you would expect from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions, product quality and performance are consistent from powder lot to powder lot.

The chemistries available include: Aluminum Oxide, Alumina Titania, Alumina Zirconia, Calcia stablilized Zirconia, Chromium Oxide, Magnesium Zirconate, Mullite (Alumina Silicate), Spinel (Magnesium Aluminate), Titania, Yttria, Yttria Zirconia and Zirconia.