Fixed Bed Ceramic Catalyst Support Balls

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials

Fixed Bed Ceramic Catalyst Support Balls-Image

Today the company offers the most extensive range of ceramic support media products in the industry. Our manufacturing technologies have been selected and perfected over many years to yield seamless monolithic spheres which will not split, crack, or spall in use. The non-spalling, non-dusting properties of Denstone® support media prevents fouling or plugging of the catalyst bed.

Select from these Denstone® catalyst support media product options:

1) Denstone® deltaP® support media -- a new innovative technology breakthrough offers multiple benefits, improving your overall operating performance and bottom line results

2) Denstone® 2000 support media -- the product of choice for maximizing performance -- developed specifically for hydrocracking applications. Its high crush strength and engineered microstructure provides rapid depressurization and thermal shock survival

3) Denstone® 57 support media -- the most widely used support media in the world because of its unparalleled consistency and reliability

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