Denstone® 2000 Support Media

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain NorPro

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Denstone 2000 support media is the product of choice for maximizing performance. Denstone 2000 balls, developed specifically for hydrocracking applications, is a patented formulation coupled with state of the art manufacturing techniques. High crush strength and an engineered microstructure enables the media to survive rapid depressurization and thermal shock -- conditions present in hydrocracking and other high pressure processes.

Typical applications of Denstone 2000 media include desiccant dryers, hydrocrackers, petrochemical reactors, hydrotreaters and downflow reactors, and upflow reactors.

Denstone® 2000 Media -- Tested and Proven to be #1

In order to demonstrate the superiority of Denstone 2000 support balls, a battery of six tests were conducted to compare media strength and resiliency of Denstone 2000 media to competing product. Further details of the tests and how they were performed are explained in the document at right, "Denstone Six Reasons."

Get the facts -- Denstone® support media performance tests and results