Thermally Efficient Ceramic Media for Gas Savings

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain NorPro

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HexPak™ is the latest development in RTO ceramic heat transfer media which is designed to improve thermal efficiency.

The unique engineered shape of HexPak media provides superior thermal efficiency and reduced pressure drop compared to traditional saddles, which substantially lowers overall gas usage in the RTO and can result in significant savings in both electricity and gas costs.

HexPak can be substituted for saddles without modifying your existing unit or encountering additional installation hassles. HexPak media's lower flow resistance can provide an increase in RTO capacity by about 25%, or can reduce electricity costs approximately 30% just by using HexPak™ media instead of 1" ceramic saddles.

Upgrading from saddles to HexPak media can deliver an ROI payback of less than one year thanks to its excellent thermal efficiency--and the payback rates improve as energy costs increase. HexPak media is offered in specialty materials that can meet the unique challenges of your particular operating conditions and applications.


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