Electrical Insulation Polymer Film Products

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Saint-Gobain Performance Fluorowrap Films and Tapes are used in high performance applications in the Energy Oil and Gas industry, including electrical insulation for electrical submersible pumps, splicing tapes for down hole power cables, expansion joints for power plants, and electrical insulation tapes for motors, generators and transformers.

  • Electrical Submersible Pumps: Electrical insulation products used in rigorous applications such as motor insulation on "down hole pumps." Polyimide film Fluorowrap FH with FEP laminated to one side acts as dry film adhesive. These films offer excellent dielectric strength with high temperature resistance in a small package. Fluorowrap polyimide film and Chemfab PTFE/glass products are used with materials to fabricate slot liners in closed stator motor applications. Chemfilm Skived PTFE films are used as electrical insulation and chemical/gas barriers on motor lead extensions and power cables.
  • Splicing Tapes: CHR tapes are used by oil production companies around the world to reduce the downtime and extreme costs associated with field-splicing in electrical submersible pump applications. Low-modulus PTFE, high modulus PTFE, fiberglass and PTFE/glass pressure sensitive tapes provide excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures as well as very good mechanical and chemical resistance in these harsh environments.
  • Electrical Insulation for Motors, Generators and Transformers: Norton high performance films and tapes are used in high temperature motor, generator and transformer applications. Fluorowrap FH product is used on very high end motors such as traction motors for locomotives or large electric power generators as the primary turn insulation layer. CHR tapes and Norton films are also used in the manufacture of oil filled transformers, lead anchoring, coil banding, outer wraps and interlayer insulation.