Bearings, Rings, Tapes, Basic Shapes, Formed Parts

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - High Performance Seals, Polymer Components and Springs

Bearings, Rings, Tapes, Basic Shapes, Formed Parts-Image

Rulon® is a family of proprietary, homogeneous materials most of PTFE based resins, engineered and developed with specific custom applications in mind. Many specialty versions are available upon request.

  • Bearings -- non-lubricated, high-load capacity, allow the replacement of bronze, powdered metal and steel in some applications and provide longer wear and extended operating life
  • Rings -- Solid and split piston rings, featuring a full complement of joint configurations
  • Tapes -- Most Rulon materials can be skived into sheets which can be etched for bonding to other materials or used as is in a wide assortment of applications where friction reduction is desired
  • Basic Shapes -- Molded and extruded rods and tubes and molded sheets
  • Formed Parts -- A wide assortment of cup seals, either hot-formed to hold a specific shape or cold-formed to retain the natural memory of the materials
  • Wear Components -- Wear components can take a variety of shapes and sizes in addition to what's already been described, including wear bands, pump bodies and pistons for chemically and thermally demanding environments

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