Coolant for Fixed Abrasive Wire Slicing

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Coolant for Fixed Abrasive Wire Slicing-Image

Diamond Wire Slice Vehicle for Sapphire Cutting

Saint-Gobain's AmberCut™ DWC-25 is a synthetic wire slice vehicle specifically formulated for the cutting of sapphire, germanium, single crystal SiC and II-VI crystals, using a fixed abrasive wire.

It provides excellent cut rates and imparts outstanding surface finishes with reduced warp and TTV. AmberCut DWC-25 offers superior dispersion of kerf particles and cooling of the cut zone. Additionally, AmberCut DWC-25 exhibit extended use life allowing the slicing of multiple ingots while maintaining performance properties. This unique formula is biodegradable, water rinsable and will not leave films or residues. This coolant is used with fixed diamond wire saws to slice sapphire and other hard crystalline materials such as silicon carbide. Sapphire wafers are used by LED manufacturers and silicon carbide, SiC wafers are used by LED and power device manufacturers. This vehicle will promote efficient sawing and promote increased sawing wire life.

Product Features

  • Provides excellent cut rates and outstanding surface finishes
  • Superior particle dispersion
  • Reduced warp and TTV
  • Biodegradable and poses no environmental or health risks
  • Minimal contamination of parts
  • Water rinsability facilitates cleaning