Super Clean Diamond Powders

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Super Clean Diamond Powders-Image

ABC Warren Superabrasives' MB-MC micro cleaned diamond powders are used in the fabrication of cutting tools such as dicing and slicing wheels for the semiconductor and magnetic head industries. The micro cleaning process reduces metallic impurities, in most cases, to below the ppm level and eliminates agglomerated particles thus enhancing the plating process used in blade and wheel manufacture.

Typical properties of MB-MC diamond:

  • High energy carbon atoms on the surface of the diamond
  • Surface atoms do not experience the same*hybridization as bulk items (*atomic orbitals of differing type but similar energies combining to yield a set of equivalent hybrid orbitals)
  • Surface atoms will adsorb anything in their path to lower the surface energy

MB-MC micro cleaned diamond is available in a wide size range from 0-0.1 um to 40-60 um for the most demanding high purity manufacturing processes and final application requirements.