Tapes That Don't Stick! High Temp Cling Films

Featured Product from Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

CHR Cling Films are protective and label tapes with very low adhesion that remove cleanly even after exposure to extremely high temperatures.  CHR MCL Cling Polyester is used in electronic, aerospace, automotive, and other markets as a protective tape for masking and to protect from handling damage.  It can also be used for labels to apply temporarily to glass and other surfaces such as refrigerators or desks.  The film is printable for displays, logos, & graphics.  Printed advertisements can be made to adhere to store fronts and glass refrigerator doors. 

CHR MCL 075  

Backing Material                   Polyester  

UV Resistance     (months)    12    

Polyester Thickness     (mm) 0.050        

Adhesive Thickness      (mm) 0.025        

Adhesion to Glass        (g/cm)        50

Max Temperature        (°C)    218  

Color          Clear