Cable and Electrical Tapes for Electronic Assembly

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Electronic Assembly and Fabrication

CHR tapes are very high quality masking products. Special formulations for softness allow adhesives to create fine lines and conform to trace lay-downs. Whether it's for gold finger plating, splash and fume protection, wave soldering, hot air leveling or conformal coating, Saint-Gobain has made an adhesive, in combination with the correct substrate film to work each and every time.

Conformal Coating Mask
M797 coating masking tape is specifically designed to mask off areas on the stuffed PC board. With a tight unwind created by no release back coating on the polyester film, coating flashing can be broken with a clean edge that requires no further re-work, reducing process time.

Fume Protection
M851 fume protection tape protects the circuitry from chemical splashes and fumes during gold tab plating operations. This cost-effective, low-adhesion tape has excellent chemical and high temperature resistance. M851 performs as a companion protection tape to the plate masking M717 tape during plating operations. M851 is available in green.

Solder Masking Over Bare Copper (SMOBC) Tape
M803 is used in combination with a pre-applied protective solder mask and provides full protection to the exposed holes in the board. M803 is applied at the plating line by either automated equipment or by hand, and serves as a failsafe line of demarcation at the connector tabs.

Area Masking
M734 and M788 are low-cost substitutes for dry film in multi-layer processing to protect copper. These tapes are natural rubber adhesives, which save as much as half the cost compared to silicon-based products. M788 is specially designed for thin core boards and flexible circuitry.

Hot Air Leveling (HAL)
C633 is applied to mask gold fingers, tab areas, and other section of printed circuit boards during the hot air leveling process. C663 adhesive is specially formulated to hold down and protect the gold fingers during rigorous HAL operations, yet remove cleanly from the board without splitting or leaving adhesive residue. Its thin construction reduces the damming at the solder/tape butt line and is a proven, effective mask in double wrap applications.

Anti-Static (HAL)
K290ESD has excellent electrostatic discharge properties. The ESD additive reduces the electrostatic discharge that occurs upon tape removal. The proprietary adhesive system provides high electrostatic dissipation without high electrostatic dissipation without sacrificing adhesive strength at extreme temperatures. K290ESD is available with or without a liner.


  • Prevents Plating solution Undercutting
  • Stands Up to Multiple Operating Cycles
  • No Re-work Required
  • No Adhesive residue
  • Greater Operator Safety
  • Excellent Temperature and Chemical Resistance

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