Ultra-Small High Power Interconnects

Product Announcement from Samtec Inc.

Ultra-Small High Power Interconnects-Image

PowerStrip™/10 Socket & Terminal Strips (UPS/UPT Series) are available in vertical or right angle orientations for coplanar and perpendicular applications, with a choice of 7mm or 10mm standard stack heights. The .150" (3,81mm) pitch system may be configured with 2, 4, 6 or 8 power pins, and offers a typical current carrying capacity (CCC) of 21A per contact (rated at 80˚C, and with four gold plated contacts powered). An optional locking clip for additional stability in rugged applications is also available.

Samtec's PowerStrip™ line provides high power solutions in a full line of board-to-board configurations, combination power/signal systems, and cable-to-board products. PowerStrip™ interconnects are differentiated by size and power output, which, in addition to PowerStrip™/10, include PowerStrip™/35 and PowerStrip™/25 families.