Moisture Meter LMA200

Product Announcement from Sartorius Group

Moisture Meter LMA200 -Image

A built-in analytical weighing system inside the moisture meter LMA200 measures the weight loss of a sample and determines the end point at which the sample has reached a constant weight.

  • Can be used for liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100%
  • Analysis time approx. 40 - 120 seconds (depends on type of sample and moisture content)
  • Easy two-key operation for routine moisture measurements
  • End-point determination: Fully automatic, by means of mass and moisture sensors; User-defined as loss of weight/unit of time for measurement; Timer mode
  • Built-in analytical weighing system with a capacity of 70 g and a resolution of 0.1 mg for weight values

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