Sartopore® Platinum Sterilising-Grade Filtration

Product Announcement from Sartorius Group

Sartopore® Platinum Sterilising-Grade Filtration-Image

Sartopore® Platinum defines the new benchmark for sterilising-grade filtration and is specially designed to meet the requirements for filtration of a broad range of biopharmaceutical products.


  • Large membrane area (1 m² per 10’’ cartridge) leads to outstanding total throughput and permeability
  • Permanent hydrophilic PES membrane lead to lowest flush volumes for reliable wetting
  • Exceptionally low protein binding for highest product yields
  • Reliable integrity testing even after thermal stress avoids cost-intensive re-testing
  • High thermal resistance allows wet & dry steaming in forward and reverse direction
  • Broad chemical compatibility (pH 1-14) permits the use for most filtration applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes
  • Identical construction principle of small and large devices leads to perfect scalability from R&D to process scale
  • Low extractables | leachables levels ensures consistent product safety

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