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AGV - Automated Hospital Cart Transporters

Featured Product from Savant Automation, Inc.

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Savant Automation provides automated material transport systems for a variety of needs within the healthcare and hospitality industries. Whether it's supplies, food, linens or trash, our automated cart transporter system provides a consistent and reliable delivery process. Reducing the dependency on personnel to perform simple and redundant tasks not only increases efficiency, it provides safer and more cost-effective transportation of materials.

There are four models of automated cart transporters. Each uses our unique internal navigation which does not require wall targets, coded floor plates or floor grid markers.

Benefits of an automated hospital cart transportation system:

  • Quick, simple implementation by maintaining same
    processes and movement routes currently handled by
  • Substantial savings through reduced labor costs
  • Minimal downtime and no personnel issues allow for
    consistent and reliable performance
  • Improved process and control with cart tracking capabilities

Find Detailed Product Information:

Automated Hospital Cart Transportation Systems

2,000 pound capacity; low profile
4,000 pound capacity; low profile
2,000 pound capacity; raised control tower
4,000 pound capacity; raised control tower