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***AGV vs. AMR vs. AGC Navigation***

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Pick the Wrong Type for Your Application & Facility Environment and Your Guided Vehicle System may not Ever Function Reliably


AGVs, AMRs, and AGCs are equivalent and equally capable regardless of the facility environment and operational demands. FALSE!!

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) , Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs), ALL need Navigation References to operate. TRUE!

If a guided vehicle can’t navigate safely, it must stop. TRUE!

The type of Navigation Reference is the most critical factor impacting safe & reliable vehicle automated operation in a facility. TRUE!

The type of navigation references used by a guided vehicle are critical to save & reliable vehicle navigation. TRUE!

Knowing the strengths & drawbacks associated with different types of guided vehicle navigation for your facility environment is the First & Most important consideration when evaluating guided vehicles for any application. TRUE!!!!!

If you don’t have bulletproof navigation, you don’t have a guided vehicle system!

Use this graphic when you're evaluating a guided vehicle system for your facility.

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