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Are You Manually Moving Loads in Your Facility

Featured Product from Savant Automation, Inc.

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Automate repetitive transportation with standard (i.e. affordable & reliable) AGVs.  The base chassis AGV units in this video are configured with a separate powered roller deck load handling attachment.  

These attachments are designed for your loads (pallets, racks, rolls, skids, etc.) and have capacities up to 15,000 lbs. As a roller deck configured AGV the vehicle interfaces with both powered and non-powered conveyor pallet pick and drop locations. 

The AGV control system integrates with 3rd party MES, WMS, WCS systems to automatically direct AGVs for load pick and drop missions.

Our PC program executes path route & operational changes in mere minutes.

Unlike natural feature/AMR type navigation, these AGVs do not need special stand or floor mounted steel bracket targets (monuments) to accurately position for automatic load pick or drop operations. So, there are no ‘trip hazard’ type navigation aids. Most importantly, Savant AGVs can maneuver in very tight spaces and perform exceptionally efficient traffic control that allows higher load move throughput rates than possible with other technologies.

Don't be tricked!!! ...... ALL guided vehicles (AMRs, AGVs, AGCs) require some type of navigation references. Savant’s ‘Virtual Path’ navigation uses no floor tape, reflective targets or line-of-sight dependent ‘natural features’ (walls) so there's Zero path maintenance and no navigation reference vulnerabilities that stop other types of AGVs/AMRs.

Remember.... If an AMR can't see walls (it's primary reference) at least 80% of the time, it can stop navigating! So things that move around off-aisle in your facility (pallets, racks, forklifts, carts, etc.) and block line-of-sight to the 'natural feature' references AMRs depend on, will create frequent and unpredictable navigation stoppages. You don't want deal with that randomly occurring every day. It 'kills' the whole premise of an automated system if people have to constantly intervene because of random events causing vehicle stoppages that interrupt critical load transportation processes in your facility. That can't happen with Savant AGVs because our 'references' are simple markers in the floor that are always visible to the AGVs.

There is no substitute for guided/autonomous vehicle automation experience and given we invented the AGV in 1954, Savant has been in the business way longer than anyone. It’s why Savant’s AGV in-house developed technology (vehicles, navigation, control system) is rated so superior to all others. In fact, most other AGV/AMR suppliers don’t make the core technologies in their vehicles/system. Rather, they license it from a disconnected 3rd party……think ‘obsolescence & support risk’. Savant supports its technology regardless of how old it is…….. because we develop every generation of our technology in-house.