DispensingCell DC803, LeanCNCell, CNCell

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DispensingCell DC803, LeanCNCell, CNCell
Optimized for any application
Dispensing cells are the ideal solution for medium to large-sized batches and for most applications. Since adhesive bonding and potting tasks usually have specialized requirements, Scheugenpflug AG offers a modular system which allows users to customize their system precisely to the requirements of the respective application. However, regardless of the dispensing cell: these systems offer a high level of productivity despite the good value for the price. The effective support of process standardization worldwide and a high level of security in planning and investment through simple system expansions are also important factors in today’s market.
Multifunctional Cell DispensingCell DC803

The casting of changing components, changing capacities or lack of space in production: The requirements for adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes are becoming increasingly individual. Against this background, the ability to adapt the dispensing system efficiently and economically plays a decisive role. The new, high-performance DispensingCell DC803 is available for demanding dispensing tasks. The further development of the proven CNCell has been specially tailored to the requirements of industrial series production with short cycle times and high quantities. Its modular design and numerous equipment options allow flexible configuration and rapid adaptation to changed processes and series sizes.

The DispensingCell DC803 is part of our new system solution.

  • Highest performance for series production
  • Flexible configuration in terms of equipment features and degree of automation
  • High usability thanks to intelligent machine control unit
  • Numerous options for quality assurance and process monitoring 
  • Wide range of applications
Important functions
  • Precise contour encapsulation thanks to high-performance axis system
  • Modular design enables demand-oriented system planning
  • Can be additionally equipped with handling systems or joining technology
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to the UViS5 operating concept
Technical data

You can find the technical data in our flyer.

 Typical applications


Focusing on small and medium-sized batch production

The LeanCNCell is specially designed to handle dispensing and potting of small to medium-sized batches. It combines all the advantages of the CNC system plus a high-precision axis controller with attractive performance for the price. This makes it particularly suited for applying seals or conformal coating of electronic assemblies and housings with 1D, 2D or 3D contours. A wide selection of dispensers is available for use with the LeanCNCell. It represents an alternative to the DesktopCell wherever other model sizes or process monitoring capabilities (scales, needle status measurement, heater, etc.) are required.

  • Full CNC functionality
  • High-precision axles
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
Key features
  • Precisely dispensing contours with XYZ axis system
  • Several quality control options
  • Easy access via sefety light curtain
  • User-friendly control with UViSneo visualization
Typical applications
Technical data
Movement range X x Y [mm] 360 x 270 to 625 x 625
Max. travel speed [mm/s] 160
Compatible dispensers All Scheugenpflug dispensers
Compatible material feeding units

All material preparation and feeding systems from Scheugenpflug



Where high flexibility for medium and large batch production is required, the CNCell is the system of choice. This multi-functional cell is based on standardized modules and it is tailored to customer specifications. The wide range of available dimensions, production processes, parts handling options and material flow or machine control units allows for a completely customizable set-up of a system tailored to specific needs. All modules perfectly match, so that they can be easily swapped or used together. The equipment can be used almost immediately thanks to the system’s scalable, modular design, which also allows for short planning and implementation times as well as quick adaptation to changes in process and batch size. The CNCell offers superior performance and high-level planning and investment security, and effectively supports the standardization of processes worldwide.

  • High axis speeds allow for short cycle times
  • Flexible configuration and diverse possibilities for expansion
  • Highly effective through automation option
  • Quality control with options to monitor processes 
  • Wide range of applications
Quick overview
Matrix ++   Axis speed ++  
Bead ++   Movement range ++  
Single-nozzle ++   Integration capable ++  
Multi-nozzle +   Upgradeable ++  
Autom. weighing ++   Stand-alone ++  
Needle status measurement ++        
Key features
  • Precisely dispensing contours with XYZ axis system
  • Modular construction allows for different degrees of automation
  • Variable system equipment 
  • Comprehensive process monitoring and quality control options
  • Easy access via safety light curtain or door systems
  • User-friendly operation through UViSneo visualization
Typical applications
 Technical data
X x Y [mm] movement range 450 x 285 to 830 x 685
Max. travel speed [mm/s] 500
Compatible dispensers All Scheugenpflug dispensers
Compatible material feeding units All material preparation and feeding systems from Scheugenpflug