Multi-Piston Dispenser for short cycle times

Featured Product from Scheugenpflug, Inc.

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Multi-piston dispensers are used for the output of large batch quantities and for short cycle times. These systems can pot several workpieces in a single potting cycle. They are particularly suited for potting a large number of small workpieces, especially when dispensing in a vacuum. Their unrivaled performance is the result of distributing the filling, evacuation and ventilation time among many workpieces. Multi-piston dispensers are made of several functionally interconnected single dispenser outlets. Each outlet is controlled by individual inlet/outlet valves and monitoring sensors. A shared expulsion unit guarantees absolutely simultaneous and identical dispensing from all outlets. One or more nozzles can be disabled by controlling individual valves for more flexibility in the event that not all of the holders contain workpieces. These systems achieve perfectly precise dispensing accuracy combined with a long service life, regardless of the number of single outlets used.

  • High part throughput per unit of time  (up to 48 nozzle potting possible)
  • Consistent quantity and mixing ratio through common lifting mechanism
Key Features
  • Simultaneous discharge of cylinders through common lifting mechanism
  • Direct nozzle control allows for alternating placement of the workpiece carriers
  • Sensor-based monitoring of inlet and outlet valves as well as cylinder filling for each dispenser
  • Temperature control with mixing tube heater (optional)
Typical applications