New volumetric piston dispenser DosP DP803

Featured Product from Scheugenpflug, Inc.

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Deciding on an adhesive, sealant or potting medium is followed by the selection of a dispenser. Volumetric piston dispensers are particularly suitable for the application of very liquid as well as highly viscous media. Due to their simple yet robust design principle, even filled and/or abrasive materials do not pose a problem for these systems. The range of possible applications is also diverse: Piston dispensers are used for filling and sealing applications as well as for tasks in the areas of adhesive bonding, sealing or thermal management. With the DosP DP803 016, a new generation of Scheugenpflug's proven Dos P016 volumetric piston dispenser is now available for a wide range of dispensing tasks and potting materials.

Ideal integration component for existing production lines
The new dispenser has been optimized for easy and flexible integration into an existing production. Compared to its predecessor model, it is characterized in particular by its 30 percent more compact design. This minimizes the space requirement and at the same time extends the effectively usable potting area. The 15 percent lower weight as well as the optimized center of gravity enable high traversing speeds on the user-side axis system and consequently short cycle times. During dispensing, optional sensors on the inlet valves offer even more process reliability. If required, backup metering heads are also available for the DosP DP803 016. These are dispenser models of identical design, with which downtimes - for example during maintenance - can be easily reduced. Thanks to additional equipment options such as mixing tube or dispenser heating, the new piston dispenser can also be flexibly adapted to the respective task. Special TCA model for thermal management applications A special TCA version (Thermally Conductive Adhesive) of the DosP DP803 016 is available for thermal management applications. This model has been optimized for the fast and precise application of thermally conductive materials with a viscosity of more than 150,000 mPa?s. Thanks to design adaptations and the integration of new, particularly robust high-performance components, this version offers significantly improved wear resistance and an optimized material flow. The new DosP DP803 of course also offers the well-known advantages of the proven volumetric Dos P piston dispensers from Scheugenpflug: Exactly dimensioned dispensing cylinders enable the application of precise, reproducible material volumes or, in the case of 2K media, a constant mixing ratio at all times. The application is independent of temperature, feed pressure and material viscosity. In addition, users benefit from simple and fast maintenance and market-leading service life.

The DosP DP803 is part of our new system solution.