Flexible Yet Firm: Spring Plunger FST-LOCK-HD

Featured Product from Schmalz Inc.

Flexible Yet Firm: Spring Plunger FST-LOCK-HD-Image

Lockable spring plunger FST-LOCK-HD for safe and reliable operation even under harsh operating conditions

The spring plunger FST-LOCK-HD ensures optimum height compensation for curved and flexible workpieces

Delicate, three-dimensional workpieces need to be moved quickly and smoothly with no additional control technology. The solution from J. Schmalz GmbH is a lockable spring plunger with high quality plain bearings and damping spring. When combined with compatible vacuum suction cups, the FST-LOCK-HD gives the user maximum flexibility when gripping and moving different components.

In the early stages of the handling cycle, the new spring plungers ensure that the suction cup is applied gently to the surface. The suction cups yield slightly and thus replicate the contours of the workpiece. Once the spring plunger is fixed in position, the actual task can begin: The flexible workpiece is lifted while retaining its shape thanks to the spring plungers. A display window immediately indicates whether the switching state is "locked" or "movable." In the event of a power failure, the pressureless locking device ensures that the position of the spring plungers and suction cups is securely held. After setting down the workpiece, the user can release the locking device and immediately start the next cycle.

The FST-LOCK-HD is now available and can be combined with various suction cups and holders from the HT range.