Vacuum Lifters for the Plastics Industry

Featured Product from Schmalz Inc.

Vacuum Lifters for the Plastics Industry-Image
The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is particularly suitable for handling sacks and barrels.
Schmalz has introduced the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster for lifting and swiveling large sheets.
The collaborative rope balancer SRBC impresses thanks to digital functions providing real added value for the user.

For example, the JumboFlex from J. Schmalz GmbH scores highly in the early stages of plastics production. With the aid of the vacuum tube lifter, the user can pack sacks and barrels of up to 50 kilograms with plastic granulates or powders and transport them quickly to the desired storage location. Lifting, lowering, and releasing the load is intuitive and easy using the central one-finger control. Thanks to the standard quick-change adapter, the load suspension device – usually a sack suction cup or round vacuum cup – can be easily replaced.

Quick and Intuitive

The strengths of the JumboFlex include short cycle times and single-hand operation – but only for compact workpieces measuring up to 1 x 2 meters. The JumboErgo is used to handle plastic sheets weighing up to 300 kilograms that are twice as large. Users guide and operate the lifting aid safely with two hands. In order to retain a sufficient safety distance from the load even with large sheets, the length of the operator handle can be freely selected between 350 and 1000 millimeters. The operating concept is inspired by a motorcycle handle with a rotary movement being used to initiate lifting and lowering. The JumboErgo is also beneficial when plastic sheets have to be picked up horizontally and set down vertically. This is made possible by the optional swiveling unit PSE, with which users can tilt loads weighing up to 120 kilograms by up to 90 degrees and store them in a controlled manner. Both lifting aids have an integrated lifting function with the help of the vacuum in the lift tube. Both devices are also modular, allowing the user to configure them individually.

For the Heavyweights

Higher lift capacities are required for loading to and from CNC machining centers. The solution offered by the Schmalz portfolio is the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. Unlike the Jumbo family, a separate chain hoist takes over the lifting function. Depending on the design, the ergonomic lifting aid can pick up, hold and move goods weighing up to 750 kilograms.

The system has a modular design. The key component is always the basic module, which is available in various designs for horizontal handling, swiveling by 90 degrees or turning by 180 degrees. The base is attached to the beam system of the lifting device, which can be adapted individually to the workpiece size. The adjustable cross beams made of aluminum and exchangeable suction plates offer the user maximum flexibility, particularly when changing workpiece sizes.

Schmalz adjusts the suction cup itself to the plastic to be handled. Depending on the requirements, the suction cups are particularly heat-resistant, food-safe or reliably prevent scratches or marks on sensitive surfaces.

Digitalisation Meets Manual Handling

With the collaborative rope balancer SRBC, the Schmalz range also includes a handling solution for the digitally networked factory. The SRBC follows the natural movements of the operator when both lifting and guiding the workpiece, allowing it to be handled effortlessly. For more complex applications, the lifting device actively supports the user in maintaining predefined parameters. The SRBC maintains spatial limits, recognizes the gripped workpiece and knows where the workpiece may or may not be stored.