General Machine Safety Training

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Anyone responsible for the design, operation, or maintenance of machines needs an understanding of legal requirements, risk assessment, types of hazards, the several levels of circuit design, and available types of safety equipment and how they all come together for a complete safety solution. 

Let Schmersal help you take that step into the world of machine safety with this one day course. 

Course outline:

  • Understanding Regulatory Standards
  • Risk Assessment Principles
  • Hazard Types
  • Risk Reduction
  • Safeguarding Principles
  • Guarding Principles
  • Fixed and Movable Guards
  • Reaching and Guard Opening Design
  • Types of Safety Interlock Devices
  • Emergency Stop Devices
  • Stop Categories
  • Mats, Edges and Bumpers
  • Safety Light Curtains, Scanners, Beams
  • Special Function of Optical Devices
  • Two Hand Control
  • Enabling Devices
  • Safety Distance Calculations
  • Mechanically Linked Relays/Contactors
  • Safety Monitoring Relays and Controllers
  • Understanding Safety Circuit Design     
  • Fault Tolerance and Exclusions
  • Fluid Power Safety


This 7 hour course will be presented by a TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineer for Machinery from our Engineering Services Group. Their experience will bring the expertise that you are looking for in a machine safeguarding specialist.

Our Safety Training Courses are offered in various locations around the country throughout the year; Please see our Schedule page for upcoming dates. We can also tailor the content and duration to focus specifically on a customer's needs for in-house presentation.

For more information on this Safety Training course or any other services provided by our Engineering Services Group, please contact:

Michael DeRosier | Schmersal USA Engineering Services | 914-500-9995 |