A Modular Solution For Machine Controls

Featured Product from Schmersal Inc.

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Many machines are equipped with a control panel which allows the operator to activate the emergency stop, on/off and reset functions. Usually, these control panels are manufactured by the machine builder according to the “do-it-yourself” principle. Schmersal has developed a modular system of control panels, which can be configured according to the user’s needs - The Series BDF.

In the course of the development, the Schmersal engineers interviewed many customers about the desired features and functions such control panels should include. The results of these surveys have been integrated in the design of the BDF series. The most wanted features were a comprehensive choice of control elements and smooth fitting. Many users also preferred that the label was not applied to the switch itself, but in a separate labeling area. 

The base of the Series BDF is a slender, shock-resistant enclosure, similar in profile to our  AZM201 guard lock with door handle. The housing can be quickly and smoothly fitted onto the customary aluminum profile system used in mechanical engineering. The enclosure is dust and water tight (IP65 rated).

Each BDF housing can accommodate up to four control elements from a comprehensive range:
• E-Stop button (position 1 only, 1NC/2NO contacts)
• E-Stop button with protective guard (position 1 only, 1NC/2NO contacts)
• Pushbuttons (6 colors available)
• Illuminated pushbuttons (5 colors available)
• Mushroom buttons (6 colors available)
• LED Indicator lights (5 colors available)
• Selector switches (one or two direction, latching and/or spring return)
• Key Selector switches (latching or spring return)

The pushbuttons and selector switches can have either 1NC/1NO or 2NO contact configurations. The units come preassebled from our factory in the desired configuration set to meet the application, and wiring is done in one compartment.

These controls stations meet all the North American approvals including cUL as well as European standards EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-5. The BDF200 is also available with integrated AS Interface Safety at Work, or as a single position version (BDF100)