Electronic Solenoid Interlock With Door Handle

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The AZM201 is a combination of solenoid interlock and electronic safety sensors, with a door handle actuator. It is an update of our AZM200 solenoid lock, using an RFID sensor for actuator detection, which has all the same non-contact advantages but can offer High level coding to ISO 14119. 

The AZM201 offers the option of individual coding: The basic version of the RFID sensor responds to any AZM201 target actuator; The “I1” version only accepts the coded ID number of the specific target actuator which is taught in during the first start-up; The “I2” version allows the teach-in process to be repeated, allowing replacement of a lost or damaged actuator.

The AZM201 Series is designed for machine/work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. The solenoid lock provides 506 pounds of force to secure the machine guard until dangerous conditions, which may exist immediately after removal of power, have abated. The solenoid lock may be controlled by a time delay, motion detector, position sensor or other suitable component.

One unique design feature of the AZM201 is the door handle actuator. When the guard is opened, the actuator is retracted into the handle housing, protecting the actuator and the operator against damage and injury. The door handle actuator is available with an optional inside emergency release which meets ANSI/RIA R15.06 requirements. This one-hand operated handle mechanically overrides the solenoid lock from inside the hazardous area, allowing operators to leave quickly and safely - even during a power failure.

The AZM201 also features an integrated electronic safety sensor to detect guard door closure independently of the solenoid lock, using pulse-echo technology. This patented non-contact operating principle limits wear on components and tolerates misalignments.  Dual microprocessors provide continuous internal function tests and monitors the safety outputs, meeting PLe to ISO13849-1 and SIL 3 to IEC61508, even when using one switch per guard or wiring them in series.

Three enhanced color LEDs on the sensor indicate status, various errors, and misalignment. For more advanced indication the AZM201 is also available with serial diagnostics to connect to commercial field bus systems. The slim housing of the switch was designed to match the aluminum profiles used in many machine guard doors.