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National SAFER Workplace Day 06.28.24

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National Safer Workplace Day occurs on the last Friday of June, commemorating the SAFER Workplace initiative which promotes workplace safety, with a heightened focus on machine safety, to reduce the potential of near misses, accidents, and injuries.

This year, National SAFER Workplace Day is Friday, June 28.

tec.nicum, the product-neutral engineering services division of the Schmersal Group, founded National SAFER Workplace Day to create awareness about safer workplaces and promote safer workplace activities. Machine safeguarding consistently remains among the top 10 OSHA violations yearly, and our goal is to provide the proper tools to both machine manufacturers and end-users to help create a safer workplace.

Let’s support this event by learning about the importance of a safe workplace. Take out time to assess your workspace and pinpoint any task, process or equipment that could jeopardize your workplace and your safety.

The SAFER acronym is based on the 5 fundamental steps used to conduct a risk assessment and stands for STOP, ASSESS, FORMULATE, EXECUTE, and REVIEW. These steps are fundamental to properly addressing any concerns such as unsafe operations of machinery so that a safe and efficient solution can be created and implemented.

How to participate:

  • Acknowledge a coworker or employee for following safe practices.
    Acknowledging a coworker or employee for doing their job in a safe manner not only boosts morale and fosters a positive work environment, but also reinforces the importance of safe practices and encourages continued vigilance in maintaining a safe workplace for all.
  • Make a safety tips list.
    List 3 ways in which you can perform your job safer. Share with your safety officers to see if they can be implemented and participate in the change.
  • Share your story.
    Highlight a safety initiative implemented by your company on social media. Use the hashtag #SaferWorkplace and tag @SchmersalUSA
    or email infoUSA@schmersal.com with the subject National Safer Workplace Day.


  • Attend our National SAFER Workplace Day webinar
    Join us on June 30 to learn more about the SAFER Workplace initiative and how you can participate in observing National SAFER Workplace Day. Register Here