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Safety Light Curtains with Muting Function

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Multiple functions
The functional diversity allows these optoelectronic safety devices to be flexibly adapted to individual application requirements, with the aim to have the highest productivity and safety possible.

The SLC445 Series has three main integrated functions:

Muting - allows the regular passage of material into or out of the hazardous area, while still preventing operators from entering. We offer all the accessories for the muting application either individually or as a ready to connect set, including a connection unit, retro-reflective muting sensors and specifically designed mounting brackets.

Cyclic Operation – when an operator is expected to break the protection field between machine functions to adjust or add materials, the light curtain can initiate the next machine cycle once the field is cleared.

Mutiscan - provides multiple evaluations of the protection field, which limits false stops associated with temporary disturbances such as small material debris, steam clouds, or insects.

They also offer numerous additional functions from our SLC440 Series:
•Fixed blanking
•Floating blanking
•Fixed blanking with movable edge region
•Double reset
•Contactor control (EDM)
•Automatic mode
•Re-start mode
•Beam coding

The selection and configuration of these functions are made via a single push-button and an integrated 7-segment display. After completion, the selections are stored in the system. This user-friendly method does not require separate set-up devices or a PC.

Operating status can be seen from a distance: The end cap of the receiver unit is molded from a semitransparent plastic that is illuminated by LED. It shows green for proper operation and red for a fault. Also, the 7-segment display which was so helpful in set up, now displays error codes and flashing signals to report specific faults and problems.

Alignment aid
Installation of the emitter and receiver units is made easier with the integrated alignment aid. This function tests the first and last beams for alignment and displays the results on the 7-segment display. Once both are situated properly, the display can be changed over to show signal strength, to allow for fine tuning the alignment.

Like our other Type 4 safety light curtains, our SLC445 series features a one-piece extruded reinforced housing - this time in a compact 28 mm x 33 mm rectangular profile. This housing profile does not rely on the lens to provide structural support and has proven to be less susceptible to mechanical damage and misalignment from torsion or bending.


SLC445 safety light curtains are used for the protection of hazardous areas, and are available with resolutions of 14 or 30 mm and protection field heights between 170 and 1770 mm; they are also available as safety light grids (SLG445) with 2, 3, or 4 beams for perimeter guarding. Both series are Type 4 devices and are suited for use in safety circuits up to PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508).