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Safety field box with field bus interface

Featured Product from Schmersal Inc.

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The SFB safety field box allows simple plug-and-play installation of up to eight safety devices per box, with interface for higher end field bus. It is available for PROFINET with PROFIsafe or EtherNet/IP with CIP Safety fieldbus protocols.

Thanks to its universal device interface with an 8-pole M12 connector, it can be used to connect a wide variety of safety devices: electronic and electro-mechanical safety interlocks, switches, sensors, light curtains and operation panels. Schmersal also has a specific fieldbus version of our BDF200 control panel that can be connected, featuring Emergency Stop and 3 additional machine controls. Field box device connections can also be configured to link different devices, thus providing maximum flexibility in the conceptual design of safety solutions.

The signals are transmitted for evaluation to the safety controller via the safety fieldbus interface. This communication is safe against modifications, changes to the telegram sequence, transmission errors, etc. Parallel transmission of safety signals enables free evaluation of safety switchgear devices in the safety controller.

All device connections also feature a self-resetting fuse element to protect lines. After eliminating an overcurrent in a connection, the fuse element resets itself after a brief cool-down period.