Understanding and Implementation of ISO13849

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ISO 13849 is a global harmonized standard relating to the risk assessment, design, and performance of safety control systems on machinery. This standard is accepted world-wide as the principle safety control design guideline and it represents a major change in the philosophy of hazard analysis and design of safety related parts of machine control systems. 
Course outline:

  • Why ISO13849 was created
  • How to apply it to a machine
  • Understanding Performance Levels (PL)
  • Control Categories
  • Common Cause Failures
  • Diagnostic Coverage
  • Mean Time To Dangerous Failure (MTTFd)
  • Probability of Dangerous Failure Per Hour (PFHd)
  • Symbolic Blocks
  • Fault Exclusions
  • Validation
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Calculating Safety Functions
  • Working examples

This 7 hour course will be presented by a TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineer for Machinery from our Engineering Services Group. Their experience will bring the expertise that you are looking for in a machine safeguarding specialist.

Our Safety Training Courses are offered in various locations around the country throughout the year; Please see our Schedule page for upcoming dates. We can also tailor the content and duration to focus specifically on a customer's needs for in-house presentation.

For more information on this Safety Training course or any other services provided by our Engineering Services Group, please contact:

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