Formula-S Linear Guideway

Featured Product from Schneeberger Inc.

Formula-S Linear Guideway-Image

In cross roller linear bearings, it is possible for the cage to move freely along the longitudinal axis allowing it to become off-center. This problem, known as "cage creep," can reduce the effectiveness of your application if the system has to be continually centered. This raises cycle times and reduces production output. IN order to prevent cage creep linear bearings must incorporate intelligent design.

Schneeberger's cage control system FORMULA-S completely fulfills these requirements. It is extremely robust, easy to assemble, consists of only a few components and can be used in the most demanding applications:

• High accelerations (30g)

• High frequency oscillations

• All mounting orientations (including vertical)

• Vacuum compatibility to 10 -7 mbar

• Easily retrofitted

FORMULA-S is based on the dimensions of our proven RN and RNG ranges. Its clever design means it is easy to incorporate into your existing envelope. Above all: FORMULA-S works in any mounting position, regardless of the bearing’s preload.

Download the FORMULA-S Brochure and complete Linear Bearing Catalog for additional information.