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TTS Touchless Switch Series Now w RGB Illumination

Featured Product from SCHURTER Inc

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The new SCHURTER TTS RGB adds technical finesse to the original TTS switch series introduced in 2021. The TTS series provides contactless switching, highly precise operation, and now customizable colors. With the new RGB ring illumination, the stylish and robust TTS switch series adds a multicolor palate to its existing bi-color options.


The TTS series uses the highly precise Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor technology, whereby light is emitted by a transmitter and reflected by one or more objects. The reflected light beams are then detected, and the distance is determined from the Time of Flight. The standard detection distance for the TTS series is programmed for 20-60mm. The minimum setting allows for wiping or cleaning of the switch surface without triggering a false signal. With no moving parts, the TTS has a service life of more than 20 million switching cycles. Shock Protection is IK06. It has an ingress protection rating of IP67, and it is insensitive to splashes, drips, rain or sunlight. Laser lettering and symbols are also available for further customization.


A momentary or latching version of the TTS RGB is available. Switching current and voltage maximum are 100mA at 42 VAC / 60 VDC. The TTS can be used wherever contact should be avoided. This includes applications such as switches used to open automatic doors in public transportation, airports and the like, sanitary applications such as public restrooms, parking and ticketing applications. The switch series is also trending due to its aesthetically modern and technologically advanced design. Other applications include use as a photoelectric barrier.


Pricing for the TTS RGB starts at $44.05 each at 100 pieces, packaged in boxes of 10 pieces. Link to TTS Data Sheet and White Paper. For sales and product information, contact Cora Umlauf at (800) 848-2600 or by email at info.sinc@schurter.com.