Steam Jet Exhauster Compressor

Product Announcement from Schutte & Koerting

Principle of Operation

Schutte & Koerting - The Steam Jet Exhausters can be operated with compressed air, they can be used in places where steam is not available or where heating might be objectionable. When operated with compressed air, they can be used to move solids. Steam and Air Jet Exhausters operate on the jet principle. Live steam or compressed air enters the exhauster through an inlet and flows through an expanding nozzle. Issuing from the nozzle at high velocity, the jet discharges into the diffuser, produces a powerful suction which entrains air or vapors through the suction connection, and compresses the air or vapor enough to discharge against back pressure.


The versatility of stock units with spindles offers a wide range of operating pressures at a lower cost than specially designed units. Simplicity of operation, and no moving parts provide lower maintenance costs.


  • Mixing steam and air to alum digester in chemical processing.
  • Steam Jet Exhausters are widely used for priming centrifugal pumps.