Cartridge Dust Collectors

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Cartridge dust collectors are ideally suited to capture granular shaped dusts. These are free-flowing materials that collect on the outside of the cartridge filter pleats and are easily released from the media during the cleaning cycle. Cartridge collectors are ideally suited for smaller particle dust sizes (less than 50 microns) and low grain loading levels (less than 5 grains per cubic foot). Some examples of dusts that are collected using cartridge collectors are grinding or sandblast applications, welding fumes, laser and plasma cutter fumes, graphite, pharmaceutical powders, and fine chemical powders. These dusts require minimal flexing of the media during the cleaning process; thus, cartridge collectors will work satisfactory on these products. When the dusts are difficult to handle, hygroscopic, or high temperature, a fabric filter baghouse is a better alternative for trouble free dust collection and longer filter life.