Demonstrating Efficiency through New Industry Standards

Featured Product from Scientific Dust Collectors

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SDC suggests its performance superiority relies on its patented high velocity cleaning technology and best practices in dust collector manufacturing. The company’s high side inlets, wide filter spacing, inlet baffling, and the elimination of the flow restricting Venturi allow for a guarantee in performance, efficiency, and filter life.
Another advantage offered is energy savings. On generic collectors, the Venturi passes a liquid or gas through a narrowed passage that increases the speed of the flow and reduces its pressure. SDC removes the flow restricting Venturi and is able to save its customers two inches of water column, which is a reduction of two inches of static pressure. In higher-volume dust collection systems, this can significantly save electrical and compressed air costs.
“If a customer has a seventy-five-horsepower motor that they’re running all the time and we can save them two inches of static pressure, that is true electrical savings, and the more they operate and the higher the horsepower being used, the more energy savings are available to them,” says Gerardi. “That’s unique, and we’re the only ones that do it.” As many large manufacturers continue to develop green initiatives and improve lean processes, SDC hopes to make a name for itself as the leading provider of baghouse dust collectors.