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The publication focuses on understanding the history and development of dust collection technology, culminating in a detailed discussion of current state of the art technologies. The reader is shown each technology's unique advantages and disadvantages and guided through objective selection criteria for their unique application.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Cyclones and Inertial Separators

Chapter 2 - Airwashers (Scrubbers)

Chapter 3 - Electrostatic Collectors

Chapter 4 - System Design

Chapter 5 - Mechanical Cleaning Collectors (Shaker Collectors)

Chapter 6 - High Pressure Reverse Fan Cleaning Collectors

Chapter 7 - Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors

Chapter 8 - Cartridge Collectors

Chapter 9 - Using Pleated Bags in Dust Collectors

Chapter 10 - Filter Media

Chapter 11 - Fires, Explosions, Hazards

Chapter 12 - Impact of Moisture in Dust Collectors

Chapter 13 - Future Trends in Dust Collecting