FDA Approved Materials for Rotary Fillers

Product Announcement from Scott Rotary Seals

FDA Approved Materials for Rotary Fillers-Image

SRS custom designs rotary timing valves for many industries.

This rotary timing valve is used on the filler head of a 40 station rotary filling machine for bottling food grade product. The product enters the valve through a two inch inlet. The valve directs the flow to thirty two of the forty stations at a time. Overflow product from the fillers returns to the tank through a return circuit. Construction is all 316 Stainless Steel with FDA approved seal material.

With over 50 years of experience in the rotary union and timing valve business comes expertise in knowing what material, seal method and plating should be used to achieve maximum life and performance of each unit.

To learn more about custom rotary timing valves or to discuss how we can help you with your application please contact us at 716-557-2362 or via email at sales@scottrotaryseals.com