LED Contract Electronic Manufacturing

Service Detail from Season Group

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Season Group , ISO Certified, has developed a core competencies in providing turnkey LED products to OEMs. Our Factories can provide design, prototype, pre-production and volume production services to our customers.  Season Group vertically integrated manufacturing solution can control cost, quality and delivery of customers’ entire supply chain. Partnering with Season Group can quickly minimize the number of vendors that customers need to manage, thereby reducing overhead as well as mitigating exposure to supply chain communication risk.  

Areas to consider:

  • Widely use of top quality LED source such as Nichia, Cree, Lumex etc.
  • Currently use different color LED such as RGB, White, Blue, Red, Amber, and Yellow etc.
  • Large power LED up to 3W with Aluminum core board for heat sinking.
  • LED bin category differentiation control for each batch and traceability.
  • Auto insertion capability for radial leaded LED in different color and shape.
  • SMD LED pick and place and assembly capabilities.
  • DI water cleaning system for LED products on customer requirement.
  • Fully automatic LED color inspection system on demand from customer.
  • Experiernced on ESD prevention that might damage different types of LED.