SCT Performance Guarantee on Wear Parts

Product Announcement from SEEPEX Inc.

SEEPEX Inc. is pleased to announce that for a limited time, the replacement or retrofit of a conventional progressive cavity (PC) pump with SEEPEX's Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) PC pump design will include a special wear performance guarantee that for three years covers wear parts including rotors, stators, seals and universal joints. SEEPEX PC pumps with the SCT design offer easy access to the split stator and rotor, which means quick maintenance, short downtimes, energy efficiency and overall lower life-cycle costs compared to PC pumps of conventional design. The pumps convey media for virtually all industries and handle conveying capacities up to 500 USGPM and pressures up to 120 PSI. SCT is an easy, cost effective, drop in solution for the replacement of all older or obsolete pump brands.

Visit our SCT Guarantee page to learn more about SCT including a video and case study and for all program details!