USB Forensic Examination Pouch

Product Announcement from Select Fabricators, Inc.

USB Forensic Examination Pouch-Image

Select-A-Shield™ RF / EMI USB Pouches patent pending allow for hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in an RF tight environment. Fully capable of field use, the SFP1215W2  forensic pouch makies sure internal data is not compromised from the moment of capture.

The see-thorugh soft window and USB 2.0 connection allows portable device manipulation in the field and can connect to any forensic extraction system.

SFP1215WK2 USB Forensic Pouch includes:

  • The SFP1215W2 isolation pouch with mesh screen, USB connector and double fold hook and loop closure system.
  • Touch Screen Manipulation Insert.
  • Weather resistant carry bag
  • Connector cables

Complete USB Forensic Examination Pouch Specifications